Magic Act Rabbit Found

LIBERTY, Mo. – Buster the rabbit was found Sunday following an incident Saturday which involved three children getting sent to the hospital after being scratched by the rabbit towards the end of a magic act at the Liberty Outdoor Children’s Festival.

Buster was found in the park where the festival was held, according to Harriet Ruiz, Director of Public Affairs at Regional Medical Center. Ruiz said that the three children received a series of shots to prevent infection. Kim Rybinski, owner of Kim’s Pets, said that it was highly unlikely that Buster had rabies because he was in captivity and never got exposed to wild animals.

According to Maggie the Magician, who was in charge of the magic act and the owner of Buster, said that he was frightened by a baby’s crying and tried to flee. This is when Buster scratched the three children attempting to grab him and disappeared into the bushes.

Maggie said nothing like this had ever happened before in the four and a half years she has been performing the magic act with Buster. Maggie travels to festivals throughout the state with her act, which is aimed at little children and includes small animals such as rabbits and turtles that the children can touch and hold.

Ruiz said that Buster is currently quarantined and being checked for rabies. Depending on the tests, the three children could avoid any further medical treatment.


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