Mottet Pediatric Communication Speech

LIBERTY, Mo. – Dr. Timothy Mottet, provost at Northwest Missouri State University, gave a speech at William Jewell College Thursday, presenting his team’s research findings on the importance of concise communication for a pediatric trauma teams when treating a patient in critical care.

Mottet, alumnus of William Jewell College, talked about how important concise communication is for pediatric trauma teams. Mottet showed the audience a video, When Seconds Count, which showed what it looks like inside a pediatric trauma center when time is crucial and communication must be clear and concise.

Mottet and his team created the Assessment of Pediatric Resuscitation Communication (APRC) instrument to evaluate the communication effectiveness of pediatric trauma teams. The APRC instrument was developed following a series of focus groups, interviews and observations.

Jessica Raley, one of Mottet’s graduate students, contacted and invited Mottet to do a research project at Dell Children’s Hospital after discussing the communication aspects of the pediatric trauma teams with Todd Maxon, chief surgeon at Dell Children’s Hospital.

Mottet began his undergraduate education at Northwest Missouri State University and completed two years before earning his bachelor’s degree in communication at William Jewell College. Mottet also has a master’s degree in mass communication from Boston University and his education doctorate in communication from West Virginia University.


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