Jameson O’Connor: An Irish Prodigy

Jameson O’Connor, junior at William Jewell College, received the Greek Male Student Athlete of the Year award for his involvement in athletics and in multiple organizations at William Jewell College, excellence as an aspiring leader in the greek system and a top of the line student.


O’Connor, from Wichita, Kan., is a Political Science and International Relations double major at William Jewell College. O’Connor is the chairman of the William Jewell College Republicans Club and the Recording Secretary for Kappa Alpha Order.  O’Connor is also the long snapper for the William Jewell Cardinals Football team.

Reasons Behind Attending William Jewell College

O’Connor said he picked Jewell for the opportunity to pursue his football career at the D2 level as well as study in the Oxbridge Honors Program.  Soon after attending William Jewell College however, O’Connor would have a change of heart and not continue on with the Oxbridge Program, which allowed him to experience other opportunities with the school.

“Despite the second part not working out, I still have enjoyed playing ball here and having the opportunity to study under great minds like Dr. Armstrong, Dr. Benz, Dr. Holiman, Dr. Staal, Dr. Wilkins and Dr. Woodruff,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor technically has two more seasons left in football if he comes back for a fifth year of eligibility.  He has been the long snapper on the team for the last three year, a position in which there is no room for error.

“He works hard both on and off the field,” Josh Blochlinger, junior offensive linemen, said.

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Greek Life

O’Connor, in his second semester of freshman year, rushed for Greek Life and became a member of the Kappa Alpha Order.

“I had a general idea before coming to Jewell that I would go through Rush—my mother was involved in Greek Life when she attended the University of Kansas and it was very formative for her—but once I got to know all of the Kappa Alpha’s on the football team I knew I wanted to go through Rush,” O’Connor said.

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Political Science and International Relations

A factor that persuaded O’Connor into studying Political Science and International Relations was his everlasting passion to go into politics and work in the government from a very young age.  O’Connor has been around politics and government for practically his whole life as his father and mentor, Judge Kevin O’Connor, is apart of the 18th Judicial District Court in Kansas.  O’Connor also worked as a Field Representative for Jerry Moran, the U.S. Senator of Kansas.

“A political science degree was a no-brainer for me. Then, after about a week in Dr. Armstrong’s Intro to World Politics class, I discovered my affinity for international relations and foreign policy and added a degree in International Relations, the area of study that I am most passionate about,” O’Connor said.

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Pryor Leadership Program

O’Connor entered the Pryor Leadership Program his freshman year.  This program is committed to developing leaders who will transform and improve their communities. O’Connor said that the Outward Bound trip to the Florida Everglades with the Pryor Leadership Program his freshman year has been his favorite experience so far at William Jewell College and has helped him develop into an aspiring leader.

Biggest Accomplishment

Out of everything O’Connor has accomplished at Jewell, his biggest accomplishment?  His minor in in Classical Humanities with a Latin emphasis.

“At Jewell, I am most proud of my minor in Classical Humanities with a Latin emphasis. Latin is the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to study and I was pretty awful at it my first semester or so of studying it. But Dr. Woodruff pushed me and encouraged me to work harder than I ever have before and to adapt to a unique field of study, and I ended up taking five semesters of Latin and getting a minor in the subject,” O’Connor said.

Career Goals and Aspirations

O’Connor said he wasn’t really sure how he’ll go about his career goals and aspirations, but he is certain that he wants to be remembered as a public servant and plans on devoting his devoting his life to a career in the government and in politics.  It’s impossible to predict the future for O’Connor, but one thing is for sure…

We can find him sharing a glass of scotch with friends and discussing politics, which is a favorite hobby of his.

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