Clerk Shoots Alleged Burglar

Liberty, MO. – Michael Layoux, a clerk for Cody’s, shot an alleged burglar late Wednesday night.

Layoux, 22, said he fired the gun at the alleged burglar three times after the man entered the store, robbed him at gunpoint, and then ordered him into the back cooler.

“I started carrying a gun to work last year after I read where two clerks at another convenience store in the city were robbed and killed,” Layoux said. “Carrying a gun is against company policy, but I figured I had to protect myself,” Layoux said.

Layoux was alone in the store when the alleged burglar entered the building. The man allegedly pulled out a gun and held Layoux at gunpoint. The gunman asked for the money in the register, and then proceeded to motion Layoux towards the back cooler.

Layoux had a .25-caliber pistol behind the counter and as the man turned his head to walk towards the back cooler, Layoux shot the alleged burglar. The gunman ran out of the store, only to be found dead by the police 200 yards away, according to the police report.

Ramon Hernandez, district attorney, said that his office considered the shooting self-defense and would not prosecute.

The company fired Layoux for having a gun while at work. Company officials have not commented about the robbery or the firing.

“I’ve lost my job,” Layoux said, “but I wouldn’t do it any different.”


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